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Orionmigration is a full service immigration firm with some of the best immigration lawyers and consultants in Zimbabwe. Our Immigration consulting firm provide accurate and timely advice and support to help you relocate to zimbabwe.

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We provide a full spectrum of tailor made Immigration Solutions

Orionmigration is a powerhouse of internationally respected immigration lawyers and consultants. We are a one-stop solution for all your immigration requirements in Zimbabwe. We provide reliable and ethical full service immigration services combined with global reach, local expertise, and personalized services at reasonable prices. 

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Our Featured services

Corporate migration

We Provide Highly qualified and registered immigration attorneys to assist international companies  with all their immigration related queries.

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Family migration

Our firm specializes in family based petitions and marriage based adjustments of status and the reunification of families with their loved ones.

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Consular Services

We provide knowledgeable, and informed insights to help individuals and companies successfully go through consular processing.

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Student Permits

Studying in Zimbabwe is a fantastic way to reach our lands and a great pathway to securing a work permit and residency should you need it. 

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Social Science

Family Sponsorship

We ca ssist you in having your loved one’s join you in Zimbabwe. We provide unmatched pragmatic solutions and we will formulate a roadmap that will ensure that they migrate to Zimbabwe with the least resistance.

Climate Change

Express Entry

Comprehensive, end-to-end immigration services and technology to help streamline your immigration application and expedite it where you may have faced excessive delays.

Community Outreach

Personalized planning and on the ground support to help ease the burden of complex document certification  processing.


We provide assistance with acquiring any type of visa you might need to enter Zimbabwe

This is a visitor’s entry certificate issued to any foreign national seeking to enter Zimbabwe through any of our ports of entry. The holder of such a visa will be granted 30 days to remain in Zimbabwe ,however said visa can be extended upon visiting the immigration offices. The holder of such a visa is not allowed to work during their stay in Zimbabwe.

This is a visitor’s entry certificate issued to personnel who do not wish to temporarily stay in Zimbabwe but who through the course of their journey have to pass through Zimbabwe. Normally the individual issued said visa is expected to enter and exit Zimbabwe within 2-3 days from having their visa endorsed by an immigration officer

This is a non renewable visitor’s entry certificate issued to an individual who is coming to Zimbabwe on business related issues.The visa will be valid for 30days and can on exceptional cases be extended for an additional 7 days only.

We offers a professional and bespoke solution to assist  with visa extensions and renewals.

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Moesha Mureya
Moesha Mureya
Excellent work ethic,absolutely loved working with the staff
Nontuthuko Dhlamini
Nontuthuko Dhlamini
Service is very good !
Linda Machingura
Linda Machingura
Exceptional service from you guys..Keep it up
Fungai Gladys Makotore
Fungai Gladys Makotore
Made my move to Malawi smooth from passport
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